You've tried figuring it out on your own and you know it's time to bring on some help. You want someone on board who knows what it's like to run a business on the side, with all the consequences that brings.

Business coaching

In a first complimentary kick-off call, we will get clear on what you are struggling with and what we should focus on during our time together.

Coaching can then be booked one call at a time and with or without add-ons. My services are super flexible and can be customised completely. Simply choose a solid base and add flavours as needed, pretty much like getting a fully customised tea blend.
Super random, but that Winter Tea blend I am holding in this picture is simply divine!
When you are tired of losing sleep over something, you can no longer stomach yet another Google search with a slightly different question in the hopes that you will finally find the answer, if you believe you have a better use for your time or simply when you are too close to the problem to begin with, get some help!

As small creative business owners, we often think we need to do everything on our own. You are not alone though! Get help from someone who walked the walk and talked the talk, and finally make some progress with this thing you've been struggling with for months!

Step 1: Choose your base

I have a Small & clear problem

$ 185

I have a small and clear problem that I need help with. Going at it alone has already cost me way too much time but I believe the solution is actually pretty straightforward. I think a single 1-hour call should be sufficient to figure out the best way forward and get some action steps on paper.

I have a Large & Complex problem

$ 345

I have a more complex problem and I cannot seem to figure out how to solve it. After hours of online research, I just want someone to walk me through it so I can finally get some clarity. I would like to start with a single 2-hour call to break down my problem into smaller chinks and finally make some progress with this.

Step 2: Choose your flavour(s)

I need Email support

$ 70 / month

I love emailing back-and-forth whenever I am stuck, more so than texting or calling someone. I believe email support will be perfect for us to stay in touch and get some clarity whenever I need it.

Emails will be answered within 48 hours.

I want you to teach me a tool

$ 175 / tool

I have the time to set up or optimise a tool myself so I want you to walk me through some scenarios and teach me how to use it properly. I will then configure the tool and ask you to review the changes I made.

Supported tools: Dubsado, Acuity, Webflow, Mailchimp & Trello

I need a System deep-dive

$ 350 / tool

When I first started with this tool, I didn't consider my business would grow beyond the initial requirements. Now that my business is doing so well, I need you to dive into it and optimise it so it better supports my business.

Supported tools: Dubsado, Acuity, Webflow, Mailchimp & Trello

I need WhatsApp support

$ 150 / month

Wow, you actually offer WhatsApp support? I love the easy and flexibility of sending a WhatsApp message whenever I get stuck so sign me up right now!

WhatsApp messages will be answered within 12 hours.

I need you to configure a tool

$ 250 / tool

I want to set up a new tool but I don't really know how to set it up in the best way. I need you to dive into it and set it up so it works for my business model. I have a customer journey map already or I am open to creating one.

Supported tools: Dubsado, Acuity, Webflow, Mailchimp & Trello

I want to join the mastermind group

$ 50 / month

I know how much additional support and feedback will help my business move forward. I would love to join the Mastermind Group and start collaborating with other small business owners.

Currently not taking on any new members

Coaching areas

Not sure what we can talk about? Here are some ideas.
Vision workshop
Setting goals
Automating systems
Designing services
Customer Journeys
Webdesign tools
It was so great to have someone I could reach out to who could give real answers and provide solutions tailored to my business.  I finally feel like I could get all my jumbled thoughts onto paper and into action.
Danielle • Nox & Quills Creative
I'm amazed at Yana's ability to create momentum out of nothing! From the very first time we spoke, she provided a clarity for my business that I had never been able to grasp on my own.
KC • Borderless Stories
If you're trapped in the hamster wheel of overthinking, Yana is the superpower you didn't know you needed. She's an expert on systems, organization, and breaking down your big ideas into actionable steps.
Melanie • Melanie St Clair
Yana is amazing and working with her is an absolute must if you need to get organized and move forward with your business goals.
Allyssa • Italized Creative
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