You love figuring things out on your own and can get super excited when everything starts to fall into place. Having a blog that tells you exactly what to do based on where you are in your business journey?
That's like a dream come true.

This blog is not like any other. Instead of having tons of posts that all cover similar topics, I focus on the topics I know will help you move forward wherever you're at in your business. Some are insights I gathered while setting up my own business, some are things I get asked about all the time, and some are based on my work with my clients. I keep my posts real and actionable, and I only add topics that I know are relevant for the stage you are in.

Getting started

The key to starting your own business is focus. I made the mistake of looking at entrepreneurs who were too many steps ahead of me and, as a result, I skipped some of the steps I needed to do before getting to their level. To prevent you from making the same mistake, I walk you through one phase at a time.
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Day-to-day Management

Your business is on a roll, you're getting clients in the door and the work you are doing makes you feel amazing. Now, it's time to optimise your systems and to make sure they work for you so you can keep focusing on what you do best.
Can't find a topic you would like to read about? Get in touch.

Growing your business

You love what you do, you have a consistent income, and you know it's time to start scaling your business. You have heard that scaling your team also means scaling your income and you're ready to test it for yourself.


It was so great to have someone I could reach out to who could give real answers and provide solutions tailored to my business.  I finally feel like I could get all my jumbled thoughts onto paper and into action.
Danielle • Nox & Quills Creative
I'm amazed at Yana's ability to create momentum out of nothing! From the very first time we spoke, she provided a clarity for my business that I had never been able to grasp on my own.
KC • Borderless Stories
If you're trapped in the hamster wheel of overthinking, Yana is the superpower you didn't know you needed. She's an expert on systems, organization, and breaking down your big ideas into actionable steps.
Melanie • Melanie St Clair
Yana is amazing and working with her is an absolute must if you need to get organized and move forward with your business goals.
Allyssa • Italized Creative
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