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Hey girl, I'm Yana

I can't wait to get to know you!

I am passionate about helping female creative entrepreneurs, like you, beat overwhelm in their business andlive a life of balance and fulfilmentby simplifying your processes and making sure you're working towards your ideal life.

fun facts

LA, for me, is sipping my oreo milkshake on Venice Beach


I live in Antwerp, Belgium, with my boyfriend & cat


Starbucks drink: Soy latte machiato with one pump of hazelnut syrup


Most proud of:
organising a styled shoot in Marrakech & getting published

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Day-to-day Bliss

Ready for a life of fulfilment, having fun, spending time with your loved ones, and working with your absolute favourite clients?


My signature program, Day-to-Day Bliss, helps you figure out what kind of life you dream of leading, and it will give you the stepping stones to make it happen. Together, we will make sure your business and personal life can co-exist without making you feel overwhelmed and bringing back the motivation and balance you are so keen to have in your life again!

You're not alone!

Only last year, I was trying to get my business to work while struggling with overwhelm and chronic exhaustive stress. Since then, I found a day job much better suited to my personality, I launched the business I've always dreamed of, and I am much more balanced and grounded.

Kind words

"I'm amazed at Yana's ability to create momentum out of nothing! "

Working with Yana has been amazing! From the very first time we spoke, she provided a clarity for my business that I had never been able to grasp on my own.

She seemed to know just what to ask in order to create a plan for me that pulled me out of that "There is so much to do and I don't even know where to begin so I just won't do anything" feeling and launched me into action.

I am more motivated and hopeful than I've been since I first dreamed up this business!

KC • Influencer & blogger

Kind words

"If you're trapped in the hamster wheel of overthinking, Yana is the superpower you didn't know you needed "

She's an expert when it comes to systems, organization, and breaking down your big ideas into actionable steps.

In just half an hour together, Yana laid out the exact next steps that I needed to take to make my launch totally me, not overwhelming, and 100% do-able in my time frame. Plus, she's just a true pleasure to talk to.

I'm immensely grateful to have Yana in my corner to bring me back to reality when I'm totally frazzled and make launching an enjoyable and exciting experience!

Melanie • Business Coach

Kind words

" Yana is amazing and working with her is an absolute must if you need to get organized and move forward with your business goals "

Working with Yana was a total game changer. I came to her overwhelmed at the thought of launching a course and left our first call feeling totally confident and ready to make it happen!

She was able to take all the different bits and pieces that were a jumbled mess in my brain and she created a launch plan with me that was completely doable and not overwhelming at all.

I loved working with her to make this brilliant idea a reality!

Allyssa • Web Developer

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